Inputs Not Accepted (Almost as if they're greyed out)

Hey Everyone,

I’m pretty new to bubble, and I’m trying to figure something out. I’m using a template called Lendly P2P lending, and I’m trying to creat a loan application, and all fields above a certain point on my page are not accepting responses. I went in on the Bubble app, and the ‘Input is Disabled’ checkbox is off (meaning input should be enabled). Can anyone help figure out what’s wrong?


Hey @sam10 can you share your editor link in view mode for us to have a look?

Hey @ambroisedlg not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but hope this helps.

@sam10 I would need to access your editor ( Can you go to Settings -> General and choose Everyone can view in the application rights dropdown?

@ambroisedlg Done!

@sam10 I think it’s because you have a ‘Group Main Form’ which is above all elements and prevents them to be clickable.

I’m not sure what’s the purpose of this group btw, if it’s not necessary can you delete it and try again?

It worked! Thank you so much!


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@sam10 don’t forget to put your editor back in Private app mode btw

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