Text opacity getting affected by Floating group opacity

When i added text to the floating group, the text does not match the custom style i had created. After tinkering a little i noticed that the text matches the opacity i set to the floating group. I thought maybe i had made a mistake creating the style but it works perfectly fine outside the floating group/

How do i make the text a 100% opacity?
i just started learning bubble and would like to get over this hurdle. Pls help

Could you share a screenshot of your element tree and floating group layout tab

I guess the opacity of the main container overrides all, because the idea is if the container needs to be transparent, everything in it must be transparent, right.

You can change your logic a little bit. Why do you want your floating group to be transparent? To see the background? If that’s the case, you can just set the background of the floating group transparent without the actual element transparent:

So, you can still see the back but all the elements inside will be regular:

Also, this is what bubble documentation says about the opacity option (the one you are using): Styling Properties - Bubble Docs

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Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 3.08.06 AM

Ahh i see, got it.
Thanks man! This helps a lot, got it solved.