Text visible not wokring


I can’t get a Text (FLAGGED ) to hide when the user start typing in a input,
I have tried a condition if input is not empty, and if number of characters >0 in the input, make text visibility to no!


Hi there, @adel.ben… your first condition should work, and the text should hide maybe a second or so after the user stops typing in the input. If it’s not working, maybe you are referring to the wrong input or something?

If the text is hiding after the user stops typing but you are saying you want the text to hide as soon as the user types the first character in the input, try using this free plugin to set a custom state to a value when the input is changed, and hide the text element when the custom state is set to the specific value.


you may try to make the condition: if the input is focused

Hello @mikeloc I have tried with the plugin you mentioned, it’s partially working, because it does hide the text but only after I click somewhere else!

@salemmo409 I have tried it and it gives the same result!

If that’s the case, then you have set it up incorrectly… share some more screenshots. Also, what do you meant when you say @salemmo409’s suggestion gives the same result? If you set up a condition to make the text element not visible when the input is focused, the text should hide as soon as the user clicks the input. If that is not happening, you are doing something wrong.

Yes that’s what I mean it’s not reacting at all when the input is focused, these are some other screenshots


You don’t have the text ever being visible because you have unchecked the box for This element is visible on page load on the Layout tab. If you check that box and leave either one of the conditions you have in place, the text should hide when the input is focused or when the user starts and then stops typing, depending on which condition you keep.

You’re right! but what i am looking to achieve is not showing the text on page load! I want the text to appear when I click on send (which is happening) and then when I lick on the input the text should disappear

Go back to using the plugin and figure out what you did wrong there because the text should hide as soon as the user starts typing in the input… they shouldn’t have to click somewhere else.