Textbox x,y position not working


Despite everything working ok before, all of a sudden one of my text boxes in a repeating group will not show in preview how it should/is in development mode. The boxes should (and were) align with the tboxes in the groups above it but there is a gap that I cant get rid of which throws out all subsequent tboxes when i preview.

Appreciate the help.


Ok… so i just set the tbox one coordinate to the left, and its thrown them all out by a crazy amount!!

I believe what is happening is as your page expands Bubble is thinking what to do with the space.
Currently your text is probably centre aligned if you go to your responsiveness editor.

Hence as the page expands the repeating group grows and makes sure that all texts and spaces inside it grow proportionally

I suggest you eg make your repeating group have a max width (option comes up if you click repeating group) of 100% as then it will not further expand to increase the spaces.

Put your repeating group inside a group that is centred in the page so it stays centred.

Thanks for the reply.

All my elements are fixed width and nested in groups of fixed width and centered.
I made a new group, all the same settings as the old group and copy pasted all my elements over without changing the x,y’s and it works fine again… weird.

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