The best site and database structure to store a lot of text and numeric data?

I´m building a site which is used by end-users to store and edit a massive mount of data - about 100 datapoints all together. Most of the data would be text, but also numbers and yes/no data. No pics or videos. I´m thinking of making about 10 pages with an accordion on each of them, and each accordion would have 5-15 sections. And on those sections there is a form with some input, multi-input, checkbox and/or radio button fields. Each accordion section would have a button to save/change data of that single section.

The problem is accordion sections would not be identical. About 2/3 of them have only one multi-input field, but 1/3 also those other form fields, some more, some less. So I cant use repeating groups to make the accordions, right? I have to make every section separately?

How should I store this data into database? What is the structure of it? Should I use only one datatable and each accordion section would be one row, and data from it´s input fields is stored into one cell as a list (so lists would vary, depending on what kind of and how many input fields would be in the section)?

If this is the way to go, how to do it in practise (I´m not very experienced with Bubble)? Or is some totally different approach better, UI- and performance-wise?

Thank you very much.

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Hey there,

  1. will the users need to be searchable by other users? If yes, then this data would need to be stored as a satellite datatype to keep search functions smooth.

  2. In terms of how to display it, really depends on your overall UI design. But you could have an object called Question, with a field called question type, which could have a set of options like: “free text, 1-10, multi select” and you could structure it so you can use a repeating group to display all questions but have different input based on the question type.

  3. DB design is a big topic, would suggest reading through the bubble manual, there is no one size fits all approach, all depends on what you want your app to do.

  4. Also think about the privacy rules you’d like ahead of time, saves a lot of time later if you start with good privacy and DB design

Thanks Oliver,

  1. No users dont need to be searchable by other users.