The data loaded in the QR code is not displayed on another page

There was a problem with the display of information from the QR code. I save the personal data of the user, which are entered in the QR code. When scanning it goes to another page, which logically should pass the data from the QR code, but it does not happen. I probably don’t notice an error in the data type or somewhere else. My goal is to display the data I need on the another page.





Have you enabled the page to reference to a user already?

Since it’s a qr code, I’m assuming you would need to reference to a user on page load. Do you have any when page is loaded workflow?

No, there is only one wf on this page is generating and downloading a vCard.


If I’m not mistaken, your issue is when you scan a Qr code, it redirects to a page but the page’s content (I’m assuming user data type) does not load or reference to any user, right?

If so, then I guess there’s your answer…

You would need to reference the page to a user first on page load

Hope this helps

Correct, the required user data is not displayed. Could you tell me exactly how to implement a user reference?

Since you’re using qr code, I’m assuming it contains the link + user’s unique id ( This is URL Path segments btw

Either way, URL Path segments or URL parameters should work fine. For personal preference though, I use URL path segments since it looks better :smiley:

On the user page, you would need to have a workflow on page load that check’s the URL for user data

On page load, do a search for user where unique id = get data from page url (url parameters or path segments whichever you prefer)

To display the data to a group or let a group reference to the user, you could use custom states or simply use the action display data in a group

Hope this helps

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