The process works on the development version but not on the live version

Task of the entire process:
Transfer the image to Yandex Disk.
Remove the image from the file manager.

To implement this task, I created a connection using an API connector with a POST request.

Next, on the backend, I set up the process for transferring photos.

Step 1 - upload to yandex disk from Foto_for_reports

Step 2 - delete uploaded file

Step 3 - Unlink missed file
Step 4 - repet process with “counter - 1”
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As seen in the video, the transfer process works on the dev version: the photo is transferred to Yandex Disk and deleted in Bubble.

But when I update the live version, the process breaks, and the file doesn’t transfer, although it is still deleted, as shown in the video. Questions:
Why doesn’t the process work on the live version? Did I make a mistake in my processes?
Do files created in the dev version affect the overall memory allocated to the application?