The text explanation is not complete

As you can see the text explanation of the function is not complete (if e).
I suppose it is “empty”.

Happy new Year !

Just to check, do you have zoom on?

Chrome zoom is 100% and grid and border in bubble 100%.
I’ve just check it now.

Yep, same here.

It took me a while to figure out that the element in question is a page (I was looking at groups, repeatingGroups…). Indeed when you select the background to image, it does show that field broken up.

Sorry for my lack of explanation about the page …

Hovering the mouse over the incomplete text won’t show it?

A tooltip text is displayed and the text is displayed, but that’s it…

Thanks for reporting! I’ve confirmed the behavior and escalated to our engineering team.

Please do note that filing a bug report with our team is the best way to get these issues addressed!

Thanks. :wink:

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