Chrome Developer Tools - how to make sense of this?

In attempting to track down a problem with the Search & Autocorrect plugin, I stepped into the Chrome Developer Tools. Before I could even start looking for my immediate concern, I was greeted by this:


That’s a lot of red and I have no idea what any of it means. How can I make sense of this? Is all of this evidence of a bigger problem than what I was looking for?

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Hey, @laurence, I’ve been seeing the 400 error in the app editor as well. My issue is related to plugin preview rendering. I just submitted a bug report yesterday.

I’m developing a plugin and started seeing that error when the size of the function for rendering the preview grew beyond a certain point. The issue only occurs in the app editor when my plugin renders the preview. I don’t know if your issue is related, but it looks similar.

@eve just replied to my bug report, and I sent additional info. I also just made this comment on the original preview rendering thread.

I’m eager to get this resolved, as I’m now convinced it’s a Bubble issue and not a problem with my code!


I look forward to the result, and I’ll look at the other thread.

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