The Visual Pro - Visual Programming. Made beautifully simple

Hey guys!

I’m really excited and proud to show you all what i’ve been up to recently.

There are already some pretty awesome learning resources out there from the likes of @romanmg, @ZeroqodeSupport, @copilot and many others, many of which I have used and worked with in the past and can truly recommend!

But ever since I discovered and fell in love with Bubble, launching several sites on the platform, I knew eventually I also wanted to build a site for the platform, too.

You can read more about why I launched The Visual Pro here if you’re interested.


The Visual Pro
Packed with stuff that i hope will help lots of people discover and harness the power of Bubble:

  • How-to guides
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • News
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • A new UI Kit
  • Support options

Some of my templates are still pending approval from Bubble, but i was determined to release the site on March 1, so you guys get a sneak peak :slight_smile::v:


Congrats! Very well designed website, impressive work :wink: Also really enjoyed reading your bio and what led you to this, very interesting/human story.

All the best for the launch!


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Thanks so much :relieved:

Super nice looking site. One possibly easy enhancement would be to use something like ScrollReveal to smooth the transition to your nag group that appears when a certain scroll position is reached (as when one is not logged in and reads, for example).

Another lil’ thing I noticed (this is Win 10 Chrome latest) is that in the horizontal scrolling RG on the tools page, the scrollbar is eating into the thumbnails:

Anyway - really good stuff!

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Thanks for your feedback! I will look into both those suggestions. Any ideas on how I fix the second one?

That’s a good question… I suspect the cell for your RG needs to take this into account (e.g., make the cell height taller so that there is space below your thumbnails rather than the thumbnail filling entirety of the cell)? I’m not sure what happens when you do that.

Yep as I typed I realised a bit of padding would do the trick, i’ll try it… :slight_smile:

I think there’s some CSS you can use to hide the scroll bar on Windows. I’ve seen other folks dabble in this for the same reasons.

Cool, thanks! I will have a tinker… and maybe turn it into a how-to if successful :slight_smile:

Amazing work, @pauljamess!! I love the name The Visual Pro, and I really enjoyed reading your story! Congrats on the launch!! :smiley: :rocket::sparkles:


Thanks so much, really appreciate that! You’re site is also amazing, love the UI and your templates are :ok_hand:

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So when I sign up and pay I’m looking for a list of how-to’s, etc. but there is no list. There’s a search feature but I have no idea what to search for. I’d rather be able to select from a list. When logged in it appears the same as when not logged in.


Hey! thanks so much for signing up. By signing up it means you can acccess and view all
the how-tos, videos and demos wheresas before you could just preview them :slightly_smiling_face:

As for a list, i can totally do that- i’ll add that now and send you a link :v:t3:

I’ve noticed a tiny mistake in the UI Kit. You used “login” icon as “logout”.

Could you share how you implemented in the UI Kit the slidable menu with height responsiveness? Recently I tried to solve this task and searched the forum, but the proposed solutions are not working properly.

Thanks for spotting :wink: DM me about the slidable menu…

Just added:

:partying_face: Introducing: Quick Guides
:white_check_mark: Approved: UI Kit 1.0
:gift: New feature: Bookmarks


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Looking good, Paul. Some good work you’ve done here, congrats.

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Nice work. Send me a message if you want it listed on

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I had signed up with Visual-Pro and subsequently cancelled my subscription.


There is no way to contact you on Visual-Pro directly. I expect an immediate refund of last month’ subscription fee. Cancel my subscription and do not use my credit card information again! I will file a complaint with my credit card company.

Thank you and best regards,


Hello Joerg,

I’m so sorry about this!? It must be a mistake as I am not in the business of taking money without authorisation… in fact I made Visual Pro free!!

I will cancel immediately and see if I can refund you through stripe, or can personally refund you

Best wishes, speak soon