Thing "is in" vs "is not in" a list

Is there a way to check if a Thing “is in” vs “is not in” a list?

I would like Duplicate 1wk = “yes” if the number is in the list.

You can try

1wk changes:first item’s 1wk Changes contains

Contains will only allow for the first part of the equation

I was actually running into this myself - Since there is only “is not in”, you’d think it would have “yes” or “no” at the end to say “Yes this item IS NOT IN my list” or “No, this item IS IN my list”. … My guess is you’ll need to find a way to use @reger-alexander’s “contains” recommendation - You may need to store the first part of your equation in a state?

Sorry this is in a BEWF which can’t use states, right?

I was thinking of creating a temporary field to store the solution of the equation in the database and then using it with contains.

Ah yea, you’re correct :frowning: The temporary field sounds like a great idea!

You could try this solution: List 1 contains "at least one thing" of List 2

I had this problem and found a native solution.
To say “X item is in Y list”, say:

“X item is not in Y list: formatted as number(1 for yes, 0 for no) is 0”

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