"Is not in" exists but "is in" does not seem to

Maybe someone will respond to this question explaining how obvious what I’m missing is but until that point, can someone explain why “is not in” exists but not “is in”?
The constraint works as expected when I choose “is not in” but I need to check if this item “is in” that Quiz answers list.

Thanks in advance for showing me I’m dumb


What type of data is this?

  • Call’s varietal
  • Answerss disliked

Could you also give us more details about this constraint?

Get Winess API Call’s varietal returns a text field from an external API call
Quiz answer’s disliked is a list of texts

I’m trying to check if the text returned from the API call is in the list of texts in Quiz Answer’s disliked

The constraint is there just to filter the repeating group

Thanks for your help

Strange… :thinking:

Now, lying in bed, without my computer to run some tests, I can only think in "what if you try to invert the constraint order to check if the list contains the text

That’s currently my workaround but it requires more work to get that to work and I have to do it again on a different repeating group. Thought maybe I was missing something that would save me some time on the next RG. Glad to know it doesn’t seem like I am. Is this the part where we’re supposed to submit this as a bug to bubble?