Stricter flagging for Deleted Types in the Issue Checker

Hi everyone,
We are currently rolling out a new Issue checker update, which will start enforcing rules to prevent Deleted Types from being used in several places inside the editor.

Current behavior will show an Issue if a Deleted Type is used as a Group Data Source, but not if it’s used in several other places, such as the Thing to change property of the ‘Make Changes to a Thing’ action.

This fix should make tracking down usages of a deleted type inside workflows after deleting a type much easier, but it also means that if your app currently contains such invalid situations, you will not be able to deploy until you fix this in your app.

Two ways to address this:

  • Change the data source to a non-deleted type
  • Undelete the type in the Data panel (Data Panel -> Data Types -> ‘Show deleted types’ -> Restore)



Great !! :ok_hand:t2:

really appreciate this! will make dB adjustments easier!


Perfect, been missing this! Thanks! :pray:

Good stuff :+1: always useful

Awesome, this was a much needed feature. Thank you!


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Thank you, exactly what was needed to make this more intuitive

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Amazing!! :clap::clap:

Very exciting, I have been asking for this for a while now. Curious, I know you said you are currently rolling it out, is it going out to select people at once or everyone? Also any idea as to when I might see this?

Thank you :slight_smile:


At the moment, our rollouts go directly to every Bubble app, with the exception of apps on Dedicated infrastructure.

You should have been able to get this feature as soon as it was out, meaning some time yesterday as of writing, as soon as you saw the little present box icon colored in the at the top of the editor.

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Perfect! :+1:

I have been noticing that my clients apps have been showing weird behavior when they delete a field and then restore it. It will still show “- deleted” next to it after it has been restored. Anyone else seeing this issue? @aless

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • eLearning Hub
  • Video Tutorials
  • No-Code Classes

An improvement for sure, and needed, but … not really a new feature.

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This feature is going to be so helpful! :blush:

I have not seen it, but if that happens, be sure to file a bug with an example and we’ll do our best to address it! :slight_smile:

I think it’s fixed now.

Going forward, with this new change…

Should we expect the new behavior to be that when we delete a data type now the data still shows up?

I just sent a bug report showing an example of what I am talking about. Maybe you can check it out. :blush: