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Looking for an experienced Bubbler to help me fix a couple of bugs

I’m looking for an experienced Bubbler to help me fix a number of issues. Here’s the first. PM me your rates. Thanks.

This is my workflow (triggered on a button click):

  • runs a recursive API workflow that creates a list of Things
  • front end queries database for new Things and displays them

90% of the time, the front end displays the new Things correctly.
But 10% of the time, nothing appears - even though when I check the DB later the Things are there.

Not sure what’s happening here. I suspect the API workflow is taking too long, so the front end doesn’t update in time, and somehow “forgot” to update even after the Things were created.

There is a silent death of processes in Bubble with a lack of observability. I get that by design Bubble protects compute resources. And that is what keeps the monthly price low, and that’s a good thing….

My suggestion is to put an “element has an error running a work flow” handler and try and diagnose what is going wrong. But to be honest that hasn’t helped me. I add a text field to each thing to be processed called “debug” and add a processing history comment in that as each thing is processed so I have some idea of what was going on when the process ends for any reason.

Very hard to diagnose. But I’m keen to hear more expert views :thinking:

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Thanks I’ll try that.

It’s quite disheartening that after spending so many months building my first app, I’m stuck with this seemingly unsolvable issue. I reported an error to Bubble (which might be related to this), but I’m not hopeful they’ll get back.

Sounds like you can add the processing to AirTable, use the plugin, link them together, as AirTable is stronger in this area. Something to think about.


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