This state should be basic:

I have conditions in the style elements for light and dark versions, but I can’t change more, how to solve?
This state should be basic: width/height, hovered, pressed, focused, clickable, or valid

Just create a custom state in your page and use the conditional tab of your elements to look to this state in order to change the style to dark or light.

Do you have an example please? I created the custom state on my main page, but it does not appear in the conditions of the elements.

Hi there, @jeffersonquinelatto… one thing that can trip newer (and even not-so-new) folks up when working with custom states is that when you are trying to reference the custom state, you have to first select the page/element with which the custom state is associated, and then you will be able to select the state itself. Is that what you are running into here?


Exactly that, the page where I created the custom state doesn’t appear in the condition I want to do, but anyway, the real problem isn’t even that, I just want to know, if there really was this change in the bubble or is it a new bug? I saw that you have the same question here and it was replied that the bubble team had solved this problem. But it’s happening to me right now. I have a field in the users table that defines the page style in dark or light, I created the condition in the style of an element, so to optimize time and not create for each element on the screen, since they inherit from the same like, however, today I needed to make a small change in this condition and I get the following message. Image attached.

Yes, this make more sense. :+1:

And the “tema” is what kind of data? Text? Option Set?

Can you share your database setup?

Take a look here:

Page | Editor

Is an Option Set with dark and light options. About the comment below, in this way that made, works, however, I need the condition within the style of the element, because it is not feasible for me to do one by one, I do not know if noticed but in the image above my condition is within the style of the element. Thank you

Now I understand what you was talking about. Sorry!

You are right! Unfortunately you will need to condition every element. It is not possible to embed such condition directly in the style of the element.

The biggest problem is that this was working and stopped out of nowhere, why does Bubble do such a thing? User Experience 0.

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