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Tips on how to install FB Pixel, Mamoto and track anything with them

Hi there,

I spent a few days figuring out how to install FB pixel and track anything with it. Finally got it working, and want to share how to do that.
I’m tracking four standard events: Page views, Trial subscriptions, Checkout initiated, and Paying subscriptions
And three custom events: 20 second time on page, upgrade subscription to better plan, initiate upgrade (check for pricing)
Hopefully that will help to those like me :slight_smile:

#1 Create FB Pixel (obviously) → how to do that: Facebook PIXEL Tutorial for BEGINNERS - Facebook PIXEL UPDATE - NEW Facebook INTERFACE - YouTube

#2 Create Google Tag Manager account → how to do that (first 20 minutes) Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (2020) - YouTube

#3 Insert GTM (Google Tag Manager) script into your app. Same video. Not need any plugins, very simple to do. Just copy paste two times:

#4 Setup GTM with FB Pixel to track simple page events or button clicks (don’t use Pixel and GTM partner integration) → how to do that: [Complete Training] Facebook Pixel Tracking with Google Tag Manager - YouTube

#5 Use Toolbox plugin Run JavaScript to insert any ‘event firing’ into your Workflows.

Here is the list of Facebook Pixel Standard Events: Specifications for Facebook Pixel Standard Events | Facebook Business Help Center
To make a custom event to track anything, just add ‘Custom’ after ‘track’ → 'fbq(‘trackCustom’, ‘UserAskedQuestion’);

Started trial (standard event):

Subscribed to a plan (standard event):

Upgraded existing plan (custom event):

Worked as a charm :slight_smile (FB Pixel manager screenshot):

I’m ready to answer any related questions.


Hey this is great. Just a quick question though. How did you actually connect the FB pixel to your page? Did you put the code in the same place as the GTM in your pic under SEO/metatags in the header?

The FB base code is what I’m talking about…:stuck_out_tongue:

Also I thought once you have the basecode for the pixel in the header it auto tracks certain things like page views or am I wrong and need to put the code for page views as well?

Hey @mufasis
Not need to put Pixel base code to the page. You have to put GTM code to the header and body.
GTM will run your pixel script.
There are two different things: Pixel base code and tracking code. Usually the PageView tracking code is inserted into base code. It is only one line: fbq(‘track’, ‘Pageview’). To have a full control, I will suggest to take that line out from pixels base code and put it into the separate Tag.
Then, when page loads, GTM will launch the base pixel. After that you can fire any tracking you want. It can be somple clicks on something or you can insert event firing into WF. You have full control

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If you’re thinking of not to use GTM, then Yes, you can put Pixel code into the header and you will be able to track page views. If you want to track content views, you will have to add that tracking code either. But you have no control, as header will fires ‘content view’ on every page. You probably can add some events tracking through WF and JS. But I did everything through GTM because I also have Google Analytics. GTM will take care on everything, Analitics, Ads, Pixel and so on. Not need to add scripts for every piece

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Interesting. I have a google analytics account but I set it up through the plugin. I’m still trying to figure out everything. How does GTM handle the pixel? I thought they were separate services…

GTM handles anything you add to it. That was the point of creating GTM, to manage all your trackings in one place, and not add all the services separately. It already supports a lot of things, you can also add custom script if you can’t find supported service. See the videos mentioned above.

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As the name suggests, Tag Manager, it ‘manages’ all your tags: Analytics, Pixel, Google ads and so on… You just add any service as a tag to your tag manager, and it run it for you on your site. No plugin needed, just insert GTM script into header and body.

I really appreciate this post brother! I am going to go through your steps 1 by 1 and try to get this working…

Good luck! Just drop the message when successfully done :slight_smile:

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Hey this has been a big help! I think I got most of it setup correctly.

Just a quick question. Do I need to add tags/triggers in GTM and bubble WF?

So far going through the videos I have done the following:

Removed plugin for google analytics that I had before…
Removed FB pixel from bubble settings…
Setup GTM…
Installed GTM tags in bubble…
Setup google analytics in GTM
Setup FB pixel in GTM…
Took out pageview from FB pixel base code and put it in its own tag in GTM…
Setup all clicks trigger in GTM

So now I want to setup a way to track when users sign up and when they subscribe to a plan…

Do I need to insert the code in bubbles WF as well as create new tags/triggers?

Can you post a picture of your triggers and variables as well as maybe an expanded view of your tags? Really appreciate it!

I posted those screenshots with triggers in my first post

Yes I know but do you add that same code to GTM?

To track sign up, I inserted standard Pixels firing into WF immediately after ‘sign up user’ step

No additional tag to GTM.
I’m using GTM for firing Pixel base code and for PageView tracking.
When pixel is fired by GTM, you can add any events by directly inserting JS anywhere in your WF. Those conversions are sent to FB directly from your WF

There is a screenshot of my GTM in one of previous posts.
As you can see, there aren’t Subscription or UpgradePurchase tags. Those conversions are fired from WF directly

In your post above though under tags there is FB - Initiated Checkout as well as FB - upgrade click, why are those tags there if youre running directly from WF with JS?

Yes, those are just clicks, but no conversions. I track clicks with GTM

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