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Titles centered in view but not in editor

Good morning everyone

Since a few days I have been facing an issue I never saw on Bubble.
To summarize, a lot of my texts (with no styles in common) are looking good in the designer, but when it gets rendered, all the texts are either centered or not where they are supposed to be.

Please find below 2 examples on 2 different pages :

Here is my designer view, with the style attached to the text :

And please find below how it is rendered in the preview mode :

I don’t know why the text gets centered, and in the responsive view, it is just like in the designer view… I have no explanation

2nd example :

In the designer, with style attache (this time it is a premade H1 style)

In the responsive tab, everything is fine, but when it gets rendered :

Everything was good when i made those pages in the first place. I don’t know what could have changed, because it is not even the same style between all those texts… and there are many examples on my app.

Does anyone of you has an idea of what i could have done wrong ?

edit : just found out it comes from this plugin (Styled Checkbox Plugin | Bubble). It adds headers that modifies h1 and h2 but i don’t understand why, it’s supposed to modify checkboxes

Thank you

Have a nice day

Hey @mickael.vermand,

Have you tried to center it via the responsive editor?

Hello @johnny

Thank you for your answer,

Yes it is centered with responsive editor, i tried to modify it as well :slight_smile:

I have been working on this and i found out that it’s because the text is in h1 or h2 tag.
In chrome dev tools, here is what i see :

Capture d’écran 2021-03-03 à 16.03.55

I tried to set the text to “normal” and it’s working.
As you saw on the previous screenshots, my H1 and h2 are not centered align.
Where does this come from ? I just checked seo metatags etc, i did not change anything.

Edit : See first message for solution

Thank you