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[New Feature] Read-only apps

We made a small change to the ‘Open app’ system. Now you have 3 choices:

  1. private

  2. ‘Everyone can view’ (new), which enables users to look at the app in the editor but not to make any change

  3. ‘Everyone can edit’ (open apps), which is the current open apps.

  4. is especially useful if you want to show something, or let others copy some parts of your app, without worrying they modify it.

(1 and 2 count against the private apps of your plan).



That’s very nice and very appreciated.

Where can we change this setting if we already have an app created? I have an app that I just finished but have not pushed to live yet.

It’s under the Settings menu > General tab


Hmm…I do not see “Application rights” in my settings - probably because I am on the free plan? What plan do I need to be on to have access to this?

Thanks in advance,


@mtruhan this is what you must look for. It’s on the top right hand in line with this

You may be at the limit and have a message saying you can’t more private apps.

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This is what I have:

I only have 1 app at the moment. I assume I must upgrade?

Yes, it turns out your trial is over.

Are read-onlys on paid subscription only?

If you can’t see the option in Setting -> Application Rights, , than yes it’s on paid subscription.

I do see it, but i am on 30 Day trial. So dont know.

@Bubble, Public Read Only apps appear to be classed as Private…is this correct.

Doesn’t sound right, as you are still exposing the inner workings of the application, but simply don’t want randoms breaking it!

I am on Personal Plan at the moment (2x Private apps allowed), 1 app is Public Read Only, 1 app is Private, created a third and it will only let me set it as Public.

This is correct…read only apps count as private. It would seem that any app that cannot be edited by others count as public.