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Toggling all layers as hidden or visible in Elements tree and/or canvas

I think it would be great if I could click a button that toggles visibility of all child layers in a hidden group/layer instead of needing to click one by one as seen in the attached gif. Some of my hidden groups have 30-40 hidden children layers. It would benefit all users as a visual aid in being able to quickly see which layers have child layers as well as separating the showing and hiding of children layers in the side panel versus the showing and hiding of those layers on the canvas.

Please see my example mockup:

I like the improvements to the UI panels so far, would enjoy seeing some love for the layer panel as it’s where 20-30% of my frustration comes from. :slight_smile:

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It’s 100% true. But I got no frustration yet :wink:
It’s a 10% day to day time consuming repeating actions. I just didn’t realized it!
Thanks for the idea. I will definitely sponsor that @emmanuel.
Let me know people with a LIKE if you are willing to invest in that simple option.
No more than 20$ per person, I will cover the rest :wink:

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I’d throw in - those itsy bitsy eyeballs can eat up a lot of time


I’d put in $20 @JohnM@skylershelton Yes the eyeballs do take up a lot of time :neutral_face: I’m always willing to pay for features that save time! It may be that I am in the minority of people that use dozens or hundreds of hidden layers, but it sure would be nice to have more control of the Element Tree (I hope one day we’ll be able to sort the list of layers by drag and drop and alphabetical).

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Additionally, a “hide everything but this” feature (such as alt-click in Photoshop) would save a lot of time.