Too many redirect error

I am not sure why I am getting these error messages, as I never had them before

I have cleared the cookies on my browsers. I tested on another computer…same messages appear.

I’ve checked that I don’t have any page load workflows that would cause a “loop”

Can’t see anything in the settings that would cause this

Read through every post on the forum that mentions the same problem and can’t see anything that is attributable to my situation.

Any ideas as to why this would happen? I’ve deployed to live…it was working earlier today…I deployed a new version as I have been testing a new header ( which is also having issues, but that’s a whole other story )

I am able to find my way to the site by following links and removing the “version-test” from the URL…however the problem still persists when I enter the URL manually ( very strange behavior )

This may be related to our newest Cloudflare launch. Please file a bug report so that we can investigate.

Your domain was resolving on the bare domain, but entering a “Too many redirect” loop on www. (For me.)

The fix for this should be live in 10 minutes. Your browser may have cached the 301 redirect status, so once the fix is live you may have to clear cache to see your page the way you expect.

Just to re-validate, I observe the same behaviour on my site too that is resolving on the bare domain.

Hope the fix will be live soon.

The fix is currently in the process of being deployed; please contact us at if you’re still seeing an issue in ~20-30 minutes.


Do you think whatever caused this issue would be the cause of another issue I am experiencing with my search results utilizing a plugin

I also submitted a bug report for this and the redirect issue, but would relieve some stress to know the cloudflare launch could be the reason for the other issue related to search results

It is unlikely that Cloudflare would be impacting your search results, but we have received your report and our team will investigate the issue ASAP.

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I am having this issue since yesterday and still my live website down. I sent you an email on

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