Tool recommendation

Just getting started with bubble after doing research. A bit confused as to what tools I would use in addition to bubble, right now thinking Airtable.

Project: A franchise Laser clinic needs PWA for three types of users:

  1. The Franchise itself which get a birds eye view of Franchise owners. Can set commission structure, add Franchises, have access to Franchisee data, such as there income, calendar, etc.

  2. Franchise itself. Add customers to clinic, schedule, send notifications, see income, bill customers through credit card card online or debit and credit when they come in store. See income reports. Send invoices and receipts.

  3. Users. Schedule or cancel appointments. See previous invoices. etc

Any recommendations on how to structure this on strong foundations so as not to have to rework things? Right now just thinking bubble and airtable. I have not come across other no code sites that hare provided a similar structure.

You could do it all in Bubble which would save you the trouble of maintaining 2 databases, but no reason you couldn’t use both if you wanted Airtable for something specific they offer.

For the scheduling portion, you might want to checkout my template and plugin.

For payments you will probably want to use Stripe for card payments, but if you need an in store payment system to be connected to this system not sure the best route for that, probably another system with a good API

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