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Tooltip preview time

The time is takes to display a tooltip on mouseover seems quite long. I reckon it should be around 0.5 - 1 sec but feels 2 - 3 seconds currently. May sound silly but I’ve watched users navigate elsewhere thinking it’s not functional.

It would be nice have a field to set the display time. What do ya’ll reckon?


Hi @emmanuel, in general settings?

This is OS/Browser dependant and not a function of bubble I believe. If the time is too short it actually becomes distracting and you will want to turn them off. You will find that from UX point of view, you do not want them to appear almost immediately. May sound good at the beginning, but it will annoy you very quickly!

I think the timing (on my machine is fine) using Chrome;

And on Edge, they look like this;


Thanks for clarifying @DaveA

Mine is a little slower on Chrome and Safari but perhaps it’s an issue on my end.