Tracking Visitor Data Help!


I’m working on a webpage for my current business. Visitors can go through and complete a comparison on different products themselves and even complete the sign up. Once they opt in to marketing we want to be able to update and keep track of the information entered, as if they don’t complete it themselves we can call and assist them with it.

I initially thought I could simply create a database with all the fields and map the inputs on each page to those fields. The issue I encountered was that “Make changes to a thing” was updating them all as new rows rather than 1 unique visitors data.

So I then thought I could add these fields to the “User” section and have it create a user when they enter their email, and update the information as they go through. This worked however if they come back to the page it won’t let them proceed as “The email is already in use”.

I don’t want them to have to sign in and out as this is really more of a marketing and lead generation thing.

So questions:

Is there a more simple way that I can have the database update on one row, as a visitor goes through and selects options and fills out there information? (And allows them to go back and forth to change it without creating another row of data)


Is there a way to have the marketing opt in pop-up (image attached) log them in if the email they put in matches an existing record and if not sign them up?

Which method would be best for this type of lead generating / sale platform?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: