Bubble transfer ownership to another person

I have an app on my account that belongs to a non-profit. Right now, I use gmail oauth to log in to my account. I would like to transfer the ownership to either a shared account on the non-profit or the person in charge of the non profit, reason being 1) I may not volunteer with the org for ever and 2) we’d like to upgrade to a paid version of Bubble.
Is transferring ownership of the app possible?


Yep, it’s possible. & Easy.

They’ll of course, need to have a bubble account.

Wow! Awesome. Thank you!
It looks like I would need a paid account to do this. Is there a way to transfer before paying? If not, will I be able to downgrade my plan to free immediately after the project transfer?

@lutetium.helen Transferring doesn’t require a paid account. When you enter an email of the new owner, the ‘Transfer’ button will come alive. :slight_smile:

*Just note: You won’t have any access to this app anymore.

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