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Transfer Domain/email from hostgator to

Hello, I have a question, I have a domain in hostgator with emails included and I want to transfer it to without losing my emails, is this possible?

Hi there @fibotradinginfo,

Yes, because for your site to be hosted on Bubble you simply need to add 4 A records, no domain transfer needed.

4 A records?
Can you explain what it means?

Go to App Settings and add a domain.

Copy the IP adresses from your app settings with you to HostGator.

In HostGator, create DNS-records, specify type A, and paste in the IP adresses from Bubble app settings.

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Hello! i have the same problem but i cannot transfer my domain, Hostgator required a Master and a Slave 1 ¿do you know where can i find this? Thanks

@fibotradinginfo were you able to figure this out. I’m in the same boat.

We got HostGator to point to the new bubble website, but now emails are not receiving. :rage: