Transfering an app: LOSE EVEREYTHING?

Hello, everyone!

I want to transfer my app to another person.

When I tried, the following alert box showed up:


So I went to the tab “App Plan” and, when I selected the “Free” plan, this text appeared:

> hanging to the Free plan will break some features this app is currently using!
*> *
> ● This plan has a limit on the number of things in your database (currently using 101095 out of 200)
*> *
> ● This plan does not let you deploy your application and access the live version.
*> *
> ● This plan does not let you use the API your application exposes.
*> *
> ● This plan does not offer customizing the favicon.
*> *
> ● This plan does not offer SEO customization.
*> *
> ● Some export/import data as CSV actions will not work under this plan.
*> *
> ● Using a run-mode password protection will not work under this plan.

So, considering that I have to transfer this app and I don’t want that all the workflows and database just vanish, here are my questions:

1) If I downgrade the plan from “Personal” to “Free” the app will work correctly until the day of payment in my credit card?

2) If I do this, I’ll lose all the 101095 things in the database?

3) How many time the new owner of the application will have to register his credit card?

No, the paid features will stop working as soon as you downgrade to the free plan.

No, you will not lose the things in your database, you just won’t be able to see them in your app.

The new owner will be able to upgrade to a paid plan as soon as the app is transferred to them.


Ok, that was faster than I expected.

Thanks a lot!

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