Transferring users from WordPress to Bubble?

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I currently have a site here - which is on a WordPress build, and I have a number of users already subscribed.

I’m looking at re-building the platform on Bubble, but one thing that is puzzling me is how to transfer users across? I know I could get usernames, First Name, Last Name etc… but how would I notify them in regards to their passwords which I of course have no record of? Wanted to make the transition for them as smooth as possible, but it’s the password issue that has me a little puzzled?

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It’s common to request that all users “update” their password when you migrate to a new platform when passwords cannot be readily transferred. (As well, I think it’s a nice point of re-engagement).

Essentially, you can do a bulk upload of your users in your Bubble editor backend. Then, you can run an API workflow on the list that sends a password reset request email to all of the migrated users, prompting them to update their password. (The password reset email links them directly to the Bubble page in your app, reset_pw).

To make it a bit easier to follow-up with people, you could also add a boolean field (yes / no) called “is_migrated” that updates when the user has updated their password in your new application.

P.S. I’m curious to hear - what led you to decide to migrate from Wordpress to Bubble?

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 115+ in-depth tutorials for learning Bubble).


Thanks Dan. Your advice seems the right way to approach this.

Why did I migrate from WP to Bubble? It’s allowing me more freedom basically. I’m using a Plugin on the site mentioned to power the user profiles and I’m constrained by what that plugin can do, so decided to opt for Bubble moving forward.


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Thanks. Hope you find the transfer between WordPress and Bubble an easy enough one to make!

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It’s getting there :slight_smile:

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