Page Transitions

Are page transitions like the ones at
supported in Bubble?


No but we’ll put that on our list and will look at the plugin. Thanks for the tip.


My mobile app uses a repeating group that shows one cell at a time and each cell is the height and width of the screen. Having these to transition between cells would be fantastic!!


Nice set, would be a great addition to Bubble.

Any updates on that?

There’s a workaround that may get the job done here:

Explanation: Move image position with workflow
Demo: Move image position with workflow

You could follow these instructions to create groups that move across the page. So, you can make page size groups slide left, right, etc. too. Still a bit of a hack, and not near as easy to set-up as a normal transition, but still do-able if it’s important for your app.

Thank you, this is cool trick!

But I found what I needed (and way more) in Element Actions - Animate.
I was impressed! Every page transition that you can think of - is there.
Bubble is so awesome!

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Hi Denver Dave. Regard this topic, in order to create this effect Im trying to set the groups (each group will be seen as page) to the same size of the screen. But setting group size to 100% width and 100% height seems not to work. Could someone help me? Thank you.

@denverdave11 help us here pleeaassee