Transition from regular text to Rich Text Editor

Preparing everything to add to the Rich Text Editor
and to start having more stylized texts with HTML characters.

I have learned how this will not affect SEO, as SEO reads only the front end (what is visible to the Google crawler on the screen), and I am now wondering: when one day, let’s say we move our database from Bubble, or change to another “Rich Text” plugin, or move our app completely to another server and service, is this Rich Text and html characters universal, or will there be some irregularities in the future compared to how plain text in the data base is always plain text and can be used as such by everyone, even if we move our app to another database and service one day?


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There are three types: bbcode, rich text and the new more flexible one (forgot the name, but have seen somewhere).

Any difference here in relation to the threads question?

The input element you use is irrelevant for SEO as is the DB you use and generally speaking your DB itself is not being used for SEO.

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Hi @code-escapee, nice to see you again :slight_smile:

SEO is clear here, as Google crawlers fetch information seen in the “front-end”, i.e., if information (styled texts) looks good in the front-end, it will be fetched as such.

Here, I am more concerned about internal transitions, for example, from one Rich text plugin to another or even a bigger project one day to move the whole app to a custom server.

I have learned that there are three main types of styled text:

  • bbcode
  • html
  • third type, forgot the name, something more advanced and flexible

Is it the case for the HTML type to be used by the majority of websites, applications, and web-places?

What if one needs to transition from HTML to a third type or even another that might appear?

When a database is filled with HTML-styled text, we are limited to plugins and readers of, let’s say, HTML characters. How safe is it to transition to HTML or to other types of text because it feels like there is no back and quite a big change?

PS: I’m just trying to explore risks, pick the right type, and see if it’s appropriate to make the update to the app.


I think you’re way overthinking it. Generally you don’t want to store things in a Bubble DB as HTML; that kind of reduces the value of Bubble. and makes things 10x more difficult to manipulate or filter.
In terms “it feels like there is no back” - it’s quite simple converting html to markdown to plain text and so forth and will be less than 1% of the work needed to transition out of Bubble’s ecosytem. The key is that it’s a string / text.

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Perhaps but it’s not yet clear for me and decision making… :slight_smile:

After seeing many members here speaking of Rich text, why is not smart to store HTML into Bubble DB? How others store? :smiley:

It makes sense for filtering, thanks! In this case Tittle and keywords (hashtags" will not be styles, only body description, but added to the “decision making process”.

Okay, great news how it’s easy to transition DB of html text to plain text. I guess with a plugin, or simple workflows and find&replace conditions?

Further question is about the types. So we have bbcode, html and third one? Any thoughts here?

I know it might be a broad and big subject…

Trying to conlude here. Do you see my concern here, while trying to make the UX better from the plain text to more stylized texts.

If anyone else would love to share experience here, you are more than welcome.


Bumpup if someone has more experiene to share and compliment our previous sharings?


Hi again,

Any updated here?

@code-escapee or someone?