Hello all,
I’m trying to have oauth2 authentication to to from my bubble app, does any one know how I can do that

thanks, i appreciate all the feedback.

not sure about tribe but it should be very similar to how works, @joe5 wrote an article on how to set that up here → How do I integrate Circle with Bubble? | Circle Community

So I am going through that process at the moment, so would be keen to keep in touch on this.

Unfortunately, the documentation for using Bubble to SSO third-party apps is pretty pathetic, and it just doesn’t seem to be a thing a lot of people do (probably explains why), so there isn’t a whole lot of information out there.

Adding to that is the documentation for seems to be fairly basic as they’ve just launched this functionality on the 2.0 product. The documentation for their 1.0 product seems to be a lot better, so hopefully, it’ll improve in time.

Out of frustration of trying to get a direct connection, I’ve decided to use Auth0 as an intermediary. I’m pre-launch so it’s fairly easy for me to do. There’s also a bunch of cool things you can do with Auth0 as it’s a purpose-built auth product vs. what’s in Bubble.

I’ve used this plugin to integrate with Auth0 on the Bubble side and it’s all working well

I’m going to tackle the Auth0 / Tribe integration today. It looks fairly straightforward in lieu of much documentation. If you want to discuss any further, let me know. Keen to see how you get on as well


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