Trigger a State update when Input Field is changed

I have a basic Input field. I am trying to clear a State when anything in that field is changed.

Here’s my problem: if I type “a” into the field it doesn’t trigger any “change” until the user hits RETURN. I need to trigger my State to be cleared after each keystroke that a user types into that field. So if they type “Hey!” those are four keystrokes and should trigger the clearing of my State 4 times. But it only happens if the user hits RETURN after they are done.

Basically I’m using Search&Autocorrect to update a Repeating Group’s values (which works great). But again, I need to have my State cleared empty each time a character is typed (or deleted) into the input field, not just when RETURN is pressed after.

Any ideas?

I’ve found a solution…

The free plugin called “Keystroke Input Trigger” actually monitors the activity happening inside of any specified input and then calls a workflow action each time it monitors a change within the input.

This solved my issue so that now anytime someone types any characters into my particular input field, the STATE that I needed to be cleared is cleared via a workflow.