Trigger a workflow with an api

is it possible to trigger a workflow via an api?

Yes. Something more specific? :slight_smile:

i want to trigger a workflow when i run a api but i dont know how to make an api that triggers a workflow

as i want my fivem server to trigger a workflow @JohnMark

You need to ask FiveM where you can found their API , and then, use Bubble API Endpoint in API Workflow section.

I have been trying to do this too and someone told me that you have to make a resource for the server which delivers a https request to bubble which is where data/an action can be created.

You can create an API endpoint and either initialize or manually define it. The url can be obtained when you click on Detect data. If you don’t intend to send any data you can just obtain the url then remove /initialize and leave it uninitialized.

External API can connect to your API Endpoint, which you have configured in the API Workflows tab. If your external API doesn’t have the ability to send a webhook this is what you do.

Create a private plugin or use the API Connector. Open 2 browsers and go to your API Workflows tab. Create a new endpoint and click on Detect Data and copy the URL(Don’t close it).

Open an empty browser and use the API Connector to make a request to your external API. The webhook address should be the URL that you just copied. Your API Endpoint will most likely detect the request which you can save to have an initialized endpoint, try a few times if it doesn’t and save the data once its succesfull. Now change the webhook URL, remove the /initialize

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i got it thanks

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