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Trigger an action based on proximity to a destination


In my app, a Host performs a delivery to a Seeker, I would like to trigger a notification (eg; email) when the Host is within x kms/miles from the Seeker’s location.

I have read other threads re: Schedule Workflow API, but I am still not certain of the way to achieve this.

Please advice?

We don’t really have that kind of features, as it requires an app to be in the background (usually), and so that should be something we work on after we’re live for native. Are you talking about a website? In this case, you could do this on pageload, with a check on the current position.

You could check it every x minutes as well.

Notification would then be the interesting bit.

Be careful with that though, it would trigger a lot of server workflows.

So I can check the current position on current user logged in and check the last time the same user logged in and use this as a verification to see if he is logging in from the same location?

Yea, I am referring to a mobile app which would normally sit in the background and would track your location.

So, what I’m thinking is this…a delivery has a Due Date, can I schedule a workflow (send email) to trigger on a date/time in the future?

Yes, you can store the “Current Position” on the User, and then check that when they log on.

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That would work quite nicely I would have thought. So when you create the Delivery you can schedule the API workflow.