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Trigger Do When not working with custom states of reusable elements

Hi everyone!

I check the forum’s topics, but have not found the answer so far… Here’s the problem:

I have a reusable group, with a number custom state which can change following what is happening in that group.

That group is on a page where I use the Do When trigger to monitor the change of the custom state of that group (the “Run this” property is set to “every time”).

Well, this trigger is fired only once after the page is loaded, but does not work when the custom state changes after that. It seems that custom states changes on reusable groups cannot be listened by Do When triggers.

Any help or workarounds with this?



Hey Ced,

Thanks for posting here about this challenge with “Do When” triggers. I can see how monitoring the states could be useful. Many times, workflows are cached, which could be contributing to the issue here since subsequent runs may not be returned as “new” runs. I have two potential ideas that may help you overcome this:

  • You could use your app’s database to monitor this particular field, instead of a custom state. This way, you can monitor the database field instead of custom state.
  • Add a “schedule a workflow” action to your workflow that changes the custom state. This way, you can ensure the workflow triggers when the state is changed.

If you continue to run into issues, feel free to fill out a bug report or reach out to our team directly with steps we can use to reproduce this. We’ll be able to address any potential bugs or provide clarity in addition to the responses other users provide here on the forum.

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