Trigger Mailchimp email sending

I would like to send marketing emails every day at 6 a.m. to all users of the app using Mailchimp (that is where I have my customized email).

I managed to set up transactional emails in Mailchimp that welcome users when they sign up to a Mailchimp audience but those are triggered in Mailchimp through the signup. I tried to trigger Mailchimp campaigns through Bubble but without any luck.

I believe once I figure this out I need to set recurring events but for that I saw that each event would be user-specific. Is there any way to set a recurring event for all users? Or just trigger the email sending to an entire Mailchimp audience?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Yeah you can have one recurring event that triggers a workflow to send an email to multiple users. It does not need to be one recurring event per user.