Google Sheets + Bubble and do when workflow

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could help me with something.

I´ll explain what I´m trying to achieve: I have a Google Sheet with company email and other columns like amount, … so what I want the Bubble app to do is basically that whenever a new row gets inserted into the Google Sheets, it goes to Bubble App and then based on the fields that are inserted into the Bubble database send an email type A or an email type B based on the other fields.

For example: when I paste a new row into the Google Sheets, it has to upload the new row to the Bubble database and then run a workflow that sends an email based on the data of that row fields.

The upload new record into Bubble I think you can do it with Zapier or with the @levon ´s plugin of Google Sheets but the problem is how to achieve the “when a new record is added send an email type A or type B based on the record field´s data”.

Hope anyone can help me with this.

Thanks a lot guys.

Have a good day.

I think I got the Zapier thing but how can I get the workflow to send an email when a new record has been added through Zapier and based on the fields received?

Thanks a lot.