Trouble advanced filtering RG or using intersect with

Hi, I’ve got a repeating group that I am trying to filter and I seem to get it to work. I’ll try to explain the issue and what I’ve tried and maybe someone can help me out:
My app hosts project and user data for architecture firms. I have a Project datatype and a Team Member/User datatype. The Project datatype has many fields, but the two relevant ones are “Team Members” and “Project Type.” Team Members evaluated to a list of Users/Team Members, while “Project Type” evaluated to an option set for types such as “Retail” projects or “Residential” etc. The “Team Member” datatype also has a field that evaluates to a list of “Project Types.” This is a bit redundant to have but whatever. The point is to be able to view a project profile and see all of the Team members that worked on that project. Or to be able to view a Team Member profile and see all of the projects they have worked on.

Right now, I’m trying to build out my search feature using repeating groups. I have built out filters for other fields that work, but the one I can’t get to work is this: When searching Team Members, I want to be able to search for Team Members who’s Project Experience includes projects with a specific “project type,” such as retail or residential.

So essentially I’m trying to figure out how to query what Team Members have projects in their project fields that have a specific project type and use that as a filter to a repeating group.

So far I’ve tried the following

Can I have the editor access?
I should do it my self :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d rather learn how to do it if you don’t mind explaining?

Yes, you’re right.

I don’t want to just fix the problem without an explanation.

I will explain to you how to solve it and any other explanation that is needed.

I promise you will learn :+1:

“Project type” attribute(field) within Project data type is a list of values or a single value from Project Type Option set?

I don’t really want to give access to anyone. Could you just explain what your solution would be?

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It’s a single value from a option set.

I respect you and you are absolutely right. :+1:

My goal is to solve your problem, but this method takes a lot of my time. :timer_clock:

I apologize for not being able to help.

So, you have this data structure:

  1. Project
    1.1 “Team Members” that is a list of Users
    1.2 “Project Type” that is a single value from Project Type OS [retail, residential…]
    1.3…1.N → other fields

  2. User
    2.1 “Project Types” that is a list of values from Project Type OS [retail, residential…]
    2.2…2.M - > other fields

Make a repeating group, where data source is Current Project’s Team members

You can add to your User DT a field that is a list of projects. Or create a separate DT to store User - Project connection.
But if you are not going to change the structure - under user profile (I’ll take it a page with content type User) you add a repeating group of type Project. Than you are doing a search for Projects with constraint current page user is in Team Members

In my database, 2.1 is actually “list of projects,” not “project types.” but I still can’t seem to get the query to work properly.

I’ve still been able to figure this out. anyone have any ideas? I’m not willing to share access but I think it could be a simple explanation.

Ok I was able to figure it out. The solution ended up being using the intersects with filter plus count>0

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