Trouble with Repeating Group not displaying information

Hi can anyone help me with having my repeating group display information?

I created a fake patient database, which is a combination of text and images for each patient, and I’m trying to create a repeating group that will display the appropriate images that correspond with the patient that is selected.

I’ve created the repeating group but I can’t the repeating group to display the images. Can anyone help?

What have you tried?

Have you checked privacy rules?

These are the options I have tried:

Type of Content: image
Data source: Parent group’s (name of database)'s (name of images)

Type of Content: (Name of database)
Data source: Parent group’s (name of database)'s (name of images)
But then with this ^ one I get this notification pop up that says “This repeating group’s content type is (name of database). The data you’re setting now is type image. Click to change this repeating group’s content type to type image”.

And when I do that it goes back to the first setting that I tried. And even when I try other options to refer to my database then still pops up with that same notification about my content vs data source being image.

I’ve checked that this isn’t technically HIPAA compliant, which is fine. I’m not actually using this to handle real patient data. My patient data base literally consists of like Patient A, Patient B, and then some fake images to go along with them. That’s it.

Well, it’s a bit hard to diagnose anything without seeing inside your app… you’re probably mismatching datatypes… but it’s only a guess.

But I’d definitely check your privacy rules as a first step. And then use the debugger to see what’s going on if it’s not a privacy rules issue.

Other than that, feel free to share a link to your preview and/or editor if you want someone to be able to make a proper diagnosis (or at least some screenshots).

My apologies. I had no idea what privacy rules you were referring to. I just found them. I will also look into this - thanks!!

Here are some screenshot to show what options I have for my repeating group when editing it. I also screenshotted what I have the “image” settings as.

The data source for an RG can’t be it’s own list of things (that doesn’t make any sense).

You need to give it an actual valid data source of things (whatever those things are).

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