Trying to access a Element in Header from Group A

Trying to select a state to show, how I can’t select it .

I have 2 main sections:

  1. Header
  2. Group A

I created a button in Group A - Called get Started. When the user clicks Get started, I want the app to launch the Login or Register popup that is situated in Header.
Note: this is using the default Bubble Template

I tried to use : Show -> Element “Signup / Login Popup A” however it doesn’t show in dropdown.

I’m a newbie, so any help or direction to a relative article would be highly appreciated.

Hi @garythewillmott,

try to set it up like this (or let me know if you have already):

  1. Go to the header section & create a new button inside the header

  2. Double click the button, edit its workflows, add an event plus the show action

  3. Preview the page & click the button in your header

This should be working. Let me know if you still struggle with this.


Julius you legend, that worked!

However, I want it at the middle of the page, so when I drag it down it keeps hiding.

Check here

Ignore previous, I just realised it expands the space. :man_facepalming:

Great to hear that @garythewillmott !

If you want the button to be visible in the middle of the page I would advise you to add a button in the middle of the page on your index page not in the header section.

In order to make this work you would have to copy the signup/login popup with its workflows onto the index page. (Right Click the popup –> “copy with workflows” –> right click on index –> “paste with workflows”.)

Let me know if this is what you actually want or if you have any other trouble to get bubble to work for you.

Happy Bubbling!

Thanks @TipLister, I tried that, but got this msg


ok sorry to confuse you.

the quick fix is to put the button and the sign up both in the header.

I was trying to tell you a more complex way to communicate between header and other pages; but i will leave that for now. If you are still interested, pm me; happy to help

thanks but now I’m really confused? :confused:

You mention “Inside the header: When the button is clicked add the workflow ((found in element actions) set state: choose element: header ; header clicked to yes”

Should I put the button in the header or on the main page?
Cause I tried to put it on main page and it can’t set a state that’s in a header?

i edited the post above.

Oh cool thanks, keen to learn the complex way in the future.

Hey @TipLister

The only thing I noticed is that the button scrolls with the page …? Any suggestions

Have you added this button to the reusable element header? You might want to move the button back up to the header