Trying to create a receipt email

I’m trying to create a “Receipt” email in SendGrid that will summarise what a User has bought and will show the total they paid.

My issue is that the items bought are recorded as a list and I don’t know how to display that as there isn’t a “Repeating Group” as such in SendGrid. This means that my data in a receipt will display like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-02 150119

Whereas I really want them to look like this (with or without the borders):

Screenshot 2024-01-02 150126

I’m assuming this isn’t an unusual thing to need to do but I’m a bit stumped. Can anyone help dig me out of this?

@joefarrowsmith There will be better guidance than the following. Just posting this in case it helps spark an approach to implementing this:

  • Create the table in bubble, put it in a group and use a screenshot plugin
  • Create a Sendgrid Email template in Sendgrid and send the data as per their API’s requirements
    How to send an email with Dynamic Transactional Templates | Twilio
  • Use AI to create an image of the bubble table or html code for it. This may be an overkill.

Thanks ever so much for posting this…my learning curve just went vertical! :wink:

I’ll give it a shot. Out of curiosity, I’m using Stripe for payments…do they send receipts? That could be a simpler avenue to explore…

You can create an HTML table dynamically, by using :format as text on your data in Bubble, then output the full HTML to your Sendgrid template.

Out of curiosity, I’m using Stripe for payments…do they send receipts?

Yes, you can send receipts directly from Stripe (I always thought they do that by default, but if not you can turn it on in your account settings).

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Not sure they do. They do provide webhooks for payment confirmations which you could in turn use to send bubble-made receipts to your users.

Explore the following sections of their documentation and if you find something additional (should you choose to do this of course), please do share it

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Thank you. I’ve had a quick scout around Stripe and have this link…it’s basically a setting that will automatically send an email to a buyer. I’m going to see what it contains in reality.

All the best

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