Trying to create system to send text message to self


I am looking to create a personal application that will be able to send reminders via text message to myself and a few friends. So more specifically, the needs of the system are:

  • Send text messages to select set of phone numbers
  • content of text reminders I can self-populate via the system/app
  • messages are auto-sent at different times throughout the day that I select via the app/system,.

So in terms of the SMS side of things, the need is to simply send out text messages. there is no need for back-and-forth dialogue or receiving inputs from text message receivers.

Any and all thoughts are much appreciated! I am trying to determine what pluggins/tools would best support me in making this happen.

Thank you!

You can use use API Connector using the Twilio plugin for sending SMS Messages

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ah got it. Thank you so much!