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Trying to make Ziggeo player fullscreen opens video in new tab

When I go to play an embedded Ziggeo video and then click the fullscreen button, the video is force-opened in a new tab away from the app. The new tab is just a white empty page with the original small video thumbnail in the top-left. The video is paused at the first frame and does not continue playing and does not go fullscreen. Only after clicking play and fullscreen from the blank white page does the video go fullscreen.

Has anyone experienced this problem? It was working at one point a week or so ago. I will build an example out in a public app and share it soon.

Hi Philip,

I am Bane from Ziggeo support and would like to help with this issue if there is anything that we can do.

I personally have not heard of this happening so far and would love to see it directly to see what might be causing it.

Based on what you have described I can only imagine something which could generally be done through JS code, however I never experienced the same in our SDK. Is the URL of that new page strange in any way?


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Thanks for the reply @bane — I’ll try to make time today to replicate this problem and will share a link ASAP.