Video Player not Loading Ziggeo Videos

Followed the Ziggeo tutorial (, and I can save the video perfectly using the plugin. However, when trying to play using Bubble Video Player, it keeps loading indefinitely (not even the video image is loaded). What could be wrong?

Things to know:

  1. Created a Ziggeo account and used the application token into the plugin, as indicated in the demo.
  2. The video id is correctly saved in Bubble’s DB, as well as the video is correctly upload in Ziggeo’s website.

Thanks for any help!


Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there have been found instances when the player takes a bit longer time to play the video.

This seems to happen only when the player is added to Bubble pages, so if you look up the same video in the dashboard (on it will play right away.

Just to make sure that you are experiencing the same, please do try playing videos in dashboard and in the bubble to see if there is a difference.

Also do let us know if this happen in any specific browser.

Bane (from Ziggeo)

Hi Bane, thanks for your reply.

Actually it is not a problem with delay, but the video actually never loads on the video player element (not even its the static image). I solved the problem using the advanced Ziggeo player plugin, which has not only the recorder/uploader, but also the player.

One suggestion for Ziggeo would be to provide in the current free Ziggeo plugin also a player, not only a recorder/uploder.



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