Turn a site into another site's section


I created and published a site, but after giving it a thought, i’d rather it be a part of another site.
Is this possible? How can i do it?


Hi @ludovic.halimi :wave:
May be you can do <iframe>
See this post it also has live demo

@mdburhan3 is right. If you want to display your content on other websites you can use <iframe>. Just note that you have to go to Settings > General and turn Allow to render the app in a frame/iframe (X-Frame-Options) to Allow all iframes to allow your section to be displayed outside your site.

Thanks to both of you for your help.

However I have to admit that the main reason would be to pay for only 1 published site, and I suppose the iframe solution won’t let me do this.

Is there any way I can just move the site content to another one?