Turn values from the fields of ONE record into a list

Hi there! Beginner here.

I have a data set that looks like this:


And, essentially, I wish to create a line graph using the Bubble chart tool - however, I do not know how to turn these values into a list as they are all in one record. The image is a simplified version of what my database looks like, but it is essentially the same type of thing in multiple fields, with each field being a value for a certain date. I wish to show how (in the case of this image) bananas have changed in price over time. Is there a way to go about this?

Thank you!


Consider changing your data base model. If you want to graph out entries … you need entries with emphasis on … plural :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you can create a “price” data type and record the yearly prices as 3 entries … which you can then graph out :smiley:

Hi! Thank you for the reply. The problem with my database is that I have nearly 3000 records of this type, with 8 or so date fields going back 3 years. So that would involve quite the switch.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use a workflow to turn such a record (the example above) into multiple ones? (I would likely create a data type for temporary storage and just make/delete the records in that base whenever the chart is generated - the 3000 records are not loaded all at once so I can do this operation per-item).

Hello @harvest01

Build a recursive backend workflow to create the new “price” entries.

Once you built it just run it and watch your entries being created :smiley:

Please share a screen shot of one of the entries as is…likely a built in operator will allow you to separate out the items from the single entry into a list. Sometimes the ‘split by’ operator will do the trick or an extract with regex

Hi Boston, thanks for the reply. Here is a snippet:

Any thoughts? Thank you!

So in your DB structure you have fields labeled as ‘#-2019’ ‘#-2019 Dec’ ‘#-2020 Dec’ etc.?

I thought it was a list such as 20, 13, 15 etc.

Probably would be easier to do as @cmarchan mentioned then and change the data structure