TV guide? Is this possible?

Hey Forum,

I want to build a TV guide like feature; here are my ideas:

  1. A streaming video is always playing on the page. It’s is muted and would require people to sign up to watch with audio, or better yet, paused like the sample below.

  2. This video can be facilitated by bubble; however, I don’t see how that would work. *See below the numbers.

  3. I want people to schedule themselves at specific times. (Maybe think about ratings and how that might make more desirable slots available to them. This is way later down the line, however.)

  4. There will eventually be different channels categories. What I mean is if you are good at finance, there will be a finance channel. This is later down the linn, though but requires the same functionality as the first number.

Here is what I am looking for: Channel 7 Live TV - Stream & Watch Free TV Online at 7 plus Live | 7plus

*Here are some services I found that might offer some help with this, not sure:

Does anyone have any idea? Can anyone help me with this? What about a quick zoom call to talk about how this might work? Let me know!

All the best,

Hi Ben,

I don’t see why we couldn’t make this feature work with bubble. One question for you is, what kind of video streaming will you be trying to display? I think the biggest obstacle here is copyright / where you are getting this content from.

Please let me know!

Thank you for getting back to me. I am looking for something similar to ted talks, presenters that I am involved with. so for example, me, you, my friend, and other people that I know. I thought about zoom, but that really doesn’t provide what I am looking for.

Hope this helps.

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Perfect, that sounds great.

This is definitely something that can be done. I’ve sent you a message,

Talk soon :slight_smile: