Twilio Proxy API connection

Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to how I could trigger twilio proxy from within bubble: Proxy API | Twilio

Basically i’d want to create an action where I send twilio both phone numbers and a message that i’d like sent.

Main question though is around how I could even connect the proxy API… i can figure it out from there likely.

And if you’re a bubble dev looking for a side project I might have some work for you doing the above or something else.

I was able to get this to work with the Conversations API. I haven’t tried Proxy because it’s closed to new clients but I think they do the same thing.

In Conversations, you create a conversation in Bubble and then add participants and a proxy number to it. For example, a conversation is a meeting place with a SID. Then, you add a participant number and a proxy number. The proxy number is your Twilio number, and the participant numbers are the mobile numbers that you want to mask (say mine and yours if we were to SMS each other). There’s a good Twilio Conversations video on YouTube from their SIgnal conference. Give it a watch.

Hey @chrismilleratx, how did this end up working out for you? What’s your UI like? Did you use the API Connector or iframe/HTML element everything in?

I’m trying to trigger one chat window per user (by button click) where I have a table of names and phone numbers.

Gathering info to see if the Conversations API is the right fit for this.