UI Redesign & Rethinking Concept

“new designer”? Suhhweeet! :grinning: :+1:

(Overlooked your reply before adding my initial response.)

Thanks for kind words! They are doing a great job on redesigning the whole interface, I just shared my two cents :love_you_gesture:


@Bubble I would love API Workflows are not considered as a “page”, but as a Tab !
I often have two Editors opened simultaneously : one for pages, one for the API Workflows.

This looks stunning man, great work! Some great ideas in there too: Love that you’d be able to drag around (or even hide) items in the elements sidebar.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning QritiQ.me! :metal:

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Nice @alanpodemski!!
I know I already mentionned this before in the forum but you need to have a look at Integromat flow builder and offer something similar for workflows to be more “visual”. Also being able to vizualise what’s coming In and Out of a step is really helpful.
I agree with @sudsy that a better UX would cut down issues and improve adoption/retention. for example I would probably still be using bubble.

Can’t wait to see the design improvements