Unable to center a floating group horizontally

I need to place a horizontal header at the top of my app. I’ve been trying to build this using a floating group. However, when the page width is greater than the width of the floating group, it tends to stick to the left or right side of the page (depending on the value specified for ‘Horizontal float relative to’. I saw a number of posts on the forum related to a similar issue and the solution suggested there is to disable the option that applies a fixed max width to the FG. However, in my bubble editor, I don’t even see such an option for FG. In fact, the Layout options I see for my FG are a subset of what I’ve seen in screenshots and videos online for FGs.

I’ve attached screenshots of
(a) my app which illustrates the issue
(b) the Layout menu I get for FG - it doesn’t have options to disable fixed max width, etc. for FG unlike the menus I’ve seen in screenshots and videos online.

I’ve been stuck with this issue for a while now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Hi @learnabcd2022,

There is no built-in way (at least not yet) to center a FG. You can simply let the floating group fill the width of the viewport and then center another group (your header) within it.

If you really want to center the FG itself, this thread might help.