Is there a way to center a floating group horizontally?

Hi, is there a way to center a floating group horizontally? Right now, I can choose between left or right and when the page is stretched I would prefer it to stay in the center. Thanks!

I recently asked about this… this needs to get added to bubble pronto… so many layouts are impossible without this feature… they keep adding all the fringe dev features that only 2% of anyone will use and have not done much to add basic missing functions regarding groups and repeating group layouts.

Bubble please add more layout options regard to repeating groups!!! I have a similar complaint about repeating groups not centering, but only being able to do left alignment.


Put it in a group? Right click RG, add to group. You can center that group which is parent of the RG.

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(Groups are both data and visual organizers.)

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I resolved it by making floating group see through and full width, then I placed and centered a group element inside the floating group. Thanks, again @keith! You pointed me to the right direction on solving this issue.


Yeah, that’d work too! Good job! :+1:

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Cheers. Really helped me out 2 years down the line. Made the floating group full screen width and non fixed width and then centered a group inside it which is fixed width and it keeps centered. Before that it wouldn’t center and super annoying… Tks!


This works but anything behind the invisible floating group will be unclickable

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This same issue came up recently again here.

You can use the CSS pointer-events property to fix this… i.e. pointer-events: none; on the floating group itself

If you have any ‘clickable’ elements inside the floating group, then you’ll need to use pointer-events: auto; on those elements to make them clickable.

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